SmogCon V – returning for its triumphant fifth anniversary, Europe’s largest Warmachine and Hordes event is back and bigger than ever before. Full schedules and events will emerge over the coming weeks and months, but here is an overview of what to expect.

SmogCon 2016 updates

Two new items have gone live on the SmogCon site today that may be of interest to you all. Firstly, the initial schedule of competitive Warmachine and Hordes events has gone live and can be found here Secondly, details of our plans to reward SmogCon V attendees who... read more

Smogcon Countdown








Competitive Play

The solid foundation around which everything is built, SmogCon brings the broadest range of competitive events. Featuring three rooms of action, SmogCon V will host two 128 player Masters qualifiers, 128 player Iron Gauntlet and 128 player Steam Roller. Every ticket guarantees entry in to one of these events, giving the fairest chance of proving your mastery of Warmachine and Hordes. All of these events will run a pre-heat on Friday/Saturday and a final day on Sunday, where the best of the best will be crowned SmogCon 2016 Master.

All your favourite formats

In addition will be a series of smaller 32 player events, popular formats such as Hardcore and Spelldraft will return, along with the more unusual Blood Sweat and Tiers and Commander’s Crucible.

See our Gallery from last years event and see just how good it is!

Our 5th Year

We can't wait to welcome you to our fifth birthday celebration, with special swag only available this year, a bigger and better range of events and all the Privateer Press you can cram in, its going to be another amazing weekend.

Enter the Iron Arena

Backing up our range of competitive events, the Iron Arena returns, offering three rooms of casual play opportunity. Unique Privateer Press swag will again be earned for playing games in all manner of formats and against valiant foes, both new and old. The Iron Arena will be open from the moment we open until the moment we close for the full 24 hours a day, throughout the weekend, so if you fancy a pick up game at four in the morning, and can find someone crazy enough to join you, there will be a table with your name on it.

Board & Card Games / IKRPG

The sounds of battle will once again drift across the Newbury suite, our beautiful waterfall backed non miniatures area. Once again our team will be providing a broad range of casual and competitive games across the gamut of Privateer Press’ Gobbers, Level 7 and IKRPG lines. Full schedule of events to follow soon.

Privateer Press Staff Panels

Once again we will be bringing over Privateer Press staff to the con, both to play pick up games in the Arena and to give a sneak peek into the worlds and games the create. This chance to get some one on one access to the guys is not to be missed. Full schedule of events to follow soon.

P3 competition & painting events

This year we will be relocating the P3 cabinets and entry to the Newbury Suite to give easier and lighter access to seeing all the fantastic work painters are bringing in. We will also have “insert painter here” on hand to offer advice and tips on making the very best of your Warmachine, Hordes and IKRPG figures.